FiDB – race stats database

the iOS-app with all Formula 1 results

FiDB, the race stats database, is the only iOS app containing all the Formula 1 race results. From the very first race in 1950 until now. FiDB also offers much more Formula 1 data and is updated after each race.

Current data on the home screen

Home screen

Once the app is opened, there is a direct view on nine screens with the most important current and historical data, which at the same time provide access to more data.

Examples of the important current data are: World Cup drivers standings, World Cup constructors standings, results of the last race, and a calendar that shows you when the next race is and who the recent winners were.

In the same home screen you’ll find the All Time High-totals of the key drivers, teams and races.

All Time High data on the home screen

You can scroll through the nine scenes on the home screen to see the entire list of the subject, but by clicking on a scene, you go into full screen mode. With more information, sorting options, additional screens and access to other summaries.

Driver career at a glance

Special summaries

As mentioned, there is much more behind the home screen; additional views and links to other summaries.

For example, a unique career screen of a driver where all individual race results are displayed, and by using colour enhancements you can see at a glance how successful he was.

For teams there are special screens as well. Successive acquisitions or absence for several years makes the statistics of some teams not unambiguous. That is being tackled in the app by variable overviews of the overall statistics of teams.

Different points systems in F1 history compared

And then there are the championship rankings according to the different points systems there have been in history. That also makes it possible to make All-Time High summaries with “normalized” points so you get fair comparisons between drivers in different decades. Who was the best of all time?


From the home screen you can quickly get to many summaries, but with the search function at the top of the opening screen drivers, teams or races can sometimes be accessed even faster.

The bigger picture of a team history


Of course the app uses the comforts of an iOS app: Click on a table for the large version, zoom in further using a simple click on a row, swipe your finger to the next (or previous) screen for more information or swipe with two fingers to the next (or previous) season.

In App

The app contains no ads and has full functionality but not all facts are displayed. If you like the app you can buy the entire contents through In-App Purchase for € 4.99. And you get all updates of the current season as well. Next season you might be prompted for a small fee through In-App Purchase to keep the data up to date again for a year.


The app provides information that you will return to often. But it’s also fun to just browse and click through the app and come across interesting facts. That way you can always discover something new. As developers we strive for 5 stars, but it’s up to you to judge FiDB.

5 stars

FiDB – race stats database5

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